What Kind of Art Should I Purchase?

After carrying out your initial research, you will be able to determine the kinds of themes, genres, and artists that you are drawn towards. You should have a rough idea as to what styles you would like to start incorporating into your collection. Still unsure as to what exactly you want to start collecting? Take a look at our brief overview of the different kinds of materials and mediums you can purchase.


Photography and Limited Edition Prints

Unique works like paintings are one-off and therefore, can be expensive. Photography and limited editions are more commonly created in multiples which means they are generally more affordable. Limited editions are also cheaper to ship since they can be packed rolled for shipment. If there is a particular artist or a famous artist that you like but whose works are too expensive for your budget, consider their limited editions as they will likely have a lower price tag but are still valuable, especially if signed by the artist. Embracing prints is a great way to begin your art collection.


Sculpture & Design Objects

When buyers think about starting their art collection, they tend to favor framed canvases as their first works, and as a result, overlook sculptures and design objects. However, these three-dimensional works of art are fantastic additions to a collection and make wonderful display pieces within the home. We recommend considering small-scaled sculptures and design objects, as they are usually priced to sell. Well-made objects signed by the artist can be a valuable addition and add variety as well as an eclectic feel to your collection.



If original paintings are your preferred choice of medium, there are some ways you can buy museum-worthy pieces for a much lower price. While paintings from mid-career to established and famous artists can cost a fortune, investing in their smaller pieces is a balanced way of collecting new art. You get the essence of the artists at a less intimidating price. You can still add stunning original paintings to your art collection if you are willing to explore emerging and slightly lesser-known artists. Buying from these under-the-radar artists means you will be among their early collectors and supporting them at the beginning of their careers. Added benefits include unique works hanging on your walls instead of replicated prints, and the right to brag about your knowledge of and support for emerging artists.

How do you find an emerging or a new artist with potential? Start with their CV, look for any solo shows or stints at art residencies, appearance in group exhibitions, if they’ve received any press coverage or if they are active in interesting and thriving communities. Follow them on social media and observe reactions to their artwork from their followers. Remember, starting an art collection is about using your eye over listening to others. If you like the work of an emerging artist and it’s within your budget, buy it.


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