Seeing double with BOB

Reinvent the ordinary with the BOB family from Scandinavian Spaces. A seating system and family of products that offer endless solutions, BOB lends architectural freedom that challenges or adheres to all interior spaces. The multiple award-winning modular seating system cultivates creativity in the workplace and lends comfortable styling to hospitality environments. Designed to add character, and with a boastful personality, BOB is constructed using individually upholstered modules that are completely customizable. A seating system that curves in, curves out, lines up straight, or undulates across the room – BOB’s creative possibilities are extraordinary. In addition to a variety of sofa arrangements, BOB’s be anything attitude effortlessly transitions to become a bench, ottoman, or lounge chair. Handsome and functional, BOB is also offered with power outlets, removable side tables, and a range of custom capabilities to create an all-day workstation. With rounded curved corners and a sleek low or high back profile, BOB’s artistic style provides a visually alluring place to ponder.

The new wider module is twice the width of the ordinary BOB modules. It can give your sofa a whole new expression or work as a standalone lounge chair. Dedicated to reinventing the ordinary, designers Stefan Borselius and Thomas Bernstrand have engineered furniture that fulfills the desires, dreams, and demands of the current design.


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