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“As we evolve, our homes should too.”

Our menu of residential design services stands to fulfill a variety of needs, including those of individuals (and their families), as well as business people in the fields of luxury real estate, custom home construction, multi-family residential projects, and more. By carefully applying sound design principles, timeless trends and paying close attention to the project brief, OLIVA can transform any space into the vision of its occupants while staying on time and on budget.

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It’s not just a house.

To us, the concept of a home goes well beyond the structure. This protected space for respite and refuge holds value and unique meaning to each of our clients. Architecture and design are not entirely separate from the function and significance of the physical space, and our services are rendered in the utmost awareness of occupancy needs – not only as they pertain to style. By taking the time to understand the wants, needs, and goals of our clients (and their future buyers), we can create areas that communicate passions and drive long-lasting value.

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Well beyond the aesthetic

The scope of each residential interior design, staging, or consulting project will go well beyond the visual and tactile. Whether we work on a 1,000 or 20,000 sq ft project, our team’s impressive acumen of management insight and our holistic approach will be brought to the fore to effectively tackle specific needs. Thanks to a multidimensional perspective, your experience as a client will be smooth and the process extremely balanced.


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Your home. Your style. Your story. Your design experience will bring together your favorite brands and trends, and stimulate the senses. Trust our team of design experts and vetted partners to solve a wide variety of design problems, and to create a timeless design that enhances your lifestyle.


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for success.

Our clients expect only the best – for themselves and their buyers. Our team combines years of luxury home staging expertise and high-end design with state-of-the-art rendering technology. The result is a sophisticated visual marketing plan that appeals to the most demanding buyers.


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and planning.

Have you already started a complex renovation or styling project and need a better handle on things? We can help. Hire a professional residential interior design project manager to provide guidance, visibility, increased agility, and added efficiency to the project. Your OLIVA consultant will guide you step by step.

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Let’s discuss your project

Get in touch with OLIVA and prepare for a comprehensive, no-obligation discovery consultation. Well executed design tells a unique story, and we can’t wait to learn more about yours. Trust our team of design professionals to turn your ideas into a project that truly captures your passion.


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Art sales, collection management, curation, installation and logistics for residential and commercial projects. Our services include commissions and custom art installations.

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