Voyage Series Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven Oval Dish by Saveur Selects


Elevate your cooking experience with this heirloom-quality Voyage Series oval dish from Saveur Selects. The most versatile piece of cookware you’ll own, it’s ideal for slow-cooking soups and sauces, roasting meats, and even baking bread. Made from enameled cast iron, the highly conductive material provides unparalleled heat retention and distribution, whilst the double-walled stainless steel lid locks in moisture and evenly distributes flavour. Rustproof and non-reactive with non-stick properties. Featuring ergonomic non-slip handles which make oven-to-table serving effortless. Key features: * Material: enameled cast iron * Dimensions: 30cm * Excellent heat retention and distribution * Ergonomic non-slip milled textured handles * Rustproof, non-reactive, non-stick * Double-walled stainless steel lid * Compatible with all stove tops * Oven safe up to 260 C * More cookware available from Saveur Selects

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