Poppy Monk William Morris Strawberry Thief Needlepoint Kit from The Met Museum


Embroider a detail from William Morris’s William Morris (British, 1834-1896) celebrated Strawberry Thief, a printed cotton textile in The Met collection. Registered in 1883 and printed between 1917 and 1923 at Merton Abbey Tapestry Works near Wimbledon, the kaleidoscopic motif was derived from the garden at Morris’s country home, where a community of thrushes would relentlessly pluck the strawberries from his garden. With dazzling templates and easy-to-follow instructions, Poppy Monk needlepoint kits are the perfect pastimes for seasoned and aspiring artisans alike. These small stitching projects come with everything you need to unravel after a tedious day or to simply revel in the joy of crafting. Each kit is made lovingly by hand in the U.S.

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