Macchia Scented Candle by Stories of Italy


Bring beautiful fragrance and design into your home with this Macchia scented candle from Stories of Italy. Handmade by master artisans, the Murano glass container boasts a striking effect created through multiple layers of colourful pigments and flakes. Filled with pure Italian vegetable wax and a 100% cotton wick, this candle features an immersive scent and once exhausted, the vessel can be repurposed as a small vase or pen holder. Key features: * Material: Murano glass, vegetable wax * Dimensions: Ø9xH10cm * Fragrance notes: salty sea wind * Burn time: 100 hours (approx.) * Blue and white colors * Created by repeating multiple fusions of coloured glass powders and flakes * As the glass flakes melt one-of-a-kind patterns and colours are formed * Vessel can be reused as a vase or jar after candle * Mouth-blown and hand-finished using traditional techniques in Italy * Please note, due to the handmade nature each piece is unique * 700g

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