Olli: The Modern Desk and Practical Bench Collide

The Olli system by Pair is a one-stop-shop for all your benching and desking needs—the core of it being a power and data beam that runs through each unique configuration. Add-on options are endless as frames can accommodate a hanging screen or planter hooks; plugs along the way allow users to attach a coat rack, side table, or meeting table. Stackable storage, planters, and caddies can live alongside cushions, all in a variety of surfacing and upholstery choices.


A personalizable workplace system that gives clients extreme flexibility to address each day’s unique needs on demand.


Olli allows users to create tailored workstation clusters, collaborative breakout areas, focus zones, lounge settings and more, all on one platform. It does this through a variety of functional accessories, which we call Sidekicks and Elements, ranging from tables to storage to acoustic dividers. The core of the Olli system is a power and data beam that doubles as a bench. This entirely customizable core includes nodes for a range of Elements, including a pivoting butterfly privacy screen, coat rack, meeting table, side table, and beam-mounted frames for hanging plants or screens. In addition to fixed Elements, our Sidekicks can be placed anywhere on the beam and include stackable storage, stackable planters, and cushions. Olli allows for infinite workplace configurations and combinations. Our acoustic screen Elements, available in both hanging and L-shaped butterfly screens, provide instant privacy and can be easily attached for focused morning work or for an IT team that deals with sensitive information and needs more privacy.

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